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8 July 2021 NEW - Still toying around (in my head) with the structure here. Been tempted to create a kinship for unaffiliated characters but since I do want my characters involved with other kinships eventually I'm not seeing the point. Also, I don't really have an interest in forming a official (member recruiting) kinship as I really don't feel my current health status would allow me to commit properly. As it stands, being a true fellowship of one I only have commitments to myself and should I need to cut down my availability I would be the only one impacted. Really don't want to dump my problems on anyone else.

23 June 2021 - More characters, more kinships. On a whim (huge mistake! LOL) I logged into the server I used to playon years ago, Brandywine. Well I've discovered and reaquainted myself with the characters I played back then and let's just say memories and nastalgia sucked me right in. Before I knew it, some characters just joined up with Light of Telperion Kinship. So I guess that's three Kinship affiliations intertwined across two servers and twelve characters.

But wait.. there's more... but you'll have to scroll down a bit for that news, getting a bit lengthy for an MOTD.

13 June 2021 - Pfragileo, my Hobbit Burglar is now a member of the Grace Worrior Kinship. Glopetal has been so kind to invite me and introduce me to the new family. I must say the Kin Housing complex (yes multiple houses!) is the most well thought-out and organized I've ever seen! It's a small but well established group that's been together since 2015.. which is saying a lot for a guild.

My other three characters Pfilangies, Pfiona and Pfoldifdi will be remaining with The Lords of Evening Twilight. This is all one my current (only) base world of Landroval.

Current Status

28 June 2021 - Just a rundown of my characters, servers and kinship affiliations. More for my reference than yours I guess, but hell.. it's my site right? LOLz

	Pfalcetto    Hobbit (The Stoors)    Minstrel    Brandywine    No Kinship
Pferalor Elf (Lothlórien) Rune-Keeper Brandywine No Kinship
Pfetch Man (Rohan) Lore-Master Brandywine No Kinship
Pfilangies Man (Bree-Land) Guardian Landroval Lords of Evening Twilight
Pfilangies Man (Dale-Land) Captain Brandywine No Kinship
Pfiona Man (Rohan) Lore-Master Landroval Lords of Evening Twilight
Pfoldifdi Dwarf (Ered Luin) Champion Landroval Lords of Evening Twilight
Pfordefin Man (Bree-Land) Champion Branduywine Light of Telperion
Pforest Elf (Rivendel) Hunter Brandywine No Kinship
Pforge Dwarf (Ered Mithrin) Guardian Brandywine Light of Telperion
Pfragileo Hobbit (Harfoot) Burglar Landroval Grace Warrior
Pfrederick Hobbit (The Stoors) Burglar Brandywine Light of Telperion

A Meta Kinship

23 June 2021 NEW - So as I'm sure you've gathered by my MOTD postings that I'm really getting sucked into this environment heavily. Since my brain really needs the exorcise I'm not going to fight it... no guarantee that I'll keep up with this and that I won't burn out in a few weeks but as they say... No guts, No glory!

So at this moment, I'm compiling all my characters information and paying attention to their heratige. Before I get way too deep into the game play I'll begin formlating a back-story that will link each character together... how they met, relationship to each other.. stuff like that.

As that gets flushed out I'll start journaling a story progression on this site.

At first I was seeking some light role-play from the LOTRO community... I thought that quest was a failure but in reality it was hidden in plain sight all along. I found that MANY people are not only role-playing with each other, but many in their own worlds interacting between their own characters and many also doing so online with multiple accounts logged in at once!

The temptation certain is there to do likewise, but for now I'll take a deep breath and just see where this goes with my current setup. So as they say... Stay tuned!

Virtual Photography

Left: Original Capture / Right: Photoshopped

18 June 2021 - I've been a bit fascinated by virtual photography since i've discovered it was a thing. I decided to try and take it a step further and alter facial expressions. Here's my first feble attempt.

Festival Reality Check

18 June 2021 - Attempting to participate in the Midsummer Festival was a reality check for me. I had a heck of a time just getting started and figuring out how to begin. Wasn't anything at all as I remember from the past but then again my brain isn't anything at all as it was.

The festival is still going strong and players are enjoying it... but for me it's just a bit out of my league at the moment. Trying to learn a new area with a known time limit just isn't something I'm good at right now but please don't let my experience discourage you.. lots of people really are having fun and there's new stuff to enjoy. For now.. I return to my regular questing.

Multiple Servers?

11 June 2021 - I was just reading about a fan-run event happening on the Crickhollow LOTRO server. Since socialization is a big part of the game for me I did want to attend but not quite sure yet I want to tackle managing multiple characters across different worlds.

Currently I have three characters I regularly play all on the Landroval server. I don't have much of a problem managing that but being in the same virtual space, each character can email and exchange intentory items between them. That is not possible across different servers so I'd have to duplicate my current system and would probably want to have more than just one additional character so I can have complementing crafters to support them.

Eventually I will span servers... actually I'd like to have toons on each server, but for now I think I should just work within the Landroval world... even adding characters there first, if for nothing more than to fine toon my strategies with characters of different skills and classes.


Bree, Just East of the Shire
Bree, Just East of the Shire!

8 June 2021 - I've often been critisized for being a slow player... honestly, I enjoy just taking in all the scenery available in this open world. I've never been one to good too into the actual mechanics of the game, at least in terms of running missions and quests.

Socialization is what's somewhat lacking in my real life and that's the void I'm trying to fill here. I'm not very good at Role Play (RP) but hopefully I'll get my game on to acceptable levels. But even if I fail miserably, the community on the Landroval server is very kind and forgiving. Really makes me feel at home.

What A Mess!

30 April 2021 - Now that I've been through the re-learning curve due to my absence from the game for several years, it's time to fine- tune things. First order of business is the inventory.. there's never enough room because most players are natural hoarders, myself being no exception to that!

Since I plan to be running multiple toons on a regular rotation, the first thing I'm prioritizing is shared storage. There are three primary locations where each character can (more or less) readily access a shared pool of resources. 1) Shared Vault, 2) Housing Chest, and 3) Craft Carry- all.

The Craft Carry-all is a recent addition to the game. By far it is the single most usefull purchase one can make from the LOTRO store. It allows you to stack 5000 craft-items in 50 locations which can be used by any character on your account. Just recently I learned that you can purchase more than one of these and they will each have their own individual inventory.

Currently I only have one of these Carry-All units which I keep in a shared vault. Each time I log-out a character, I make sure to put the carry-all back into this shared location so the next character I play can eaily retrieve it. I quickly used up the 50 locations with all my toons utilizing it, so now my intention is to purchase several more of these units and dedicate each one to a vocation track.

I also have been maintaining a spreadsheet of each item I use tracking its location, uses and market value if I place it in the auction house. I know that may sound crazy to a lot of people but for me, I have as much fun with playing the market as I do from traditional questing!

Under Construction

24 May 2021 - Just laying the groundwork here... check back again soon!

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